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Pastor & Co Pastor


Pastor Paul W. Kelley

Pastor Paul W. Kelley Sr. and his wife Marla have pastored Second Christian Church for over 35 years. During this time, both Pastor Kelley and his wife have been instrumental in spreading the love of Jesus Christ to hundreds of people within and outside of their hometown of Atchison. They have been married for 49 years and have four children & five grandchildren.

Pastor Kelley was called into the ministry in 1981, and was licensed and ordained in 1983. He was installed as the pastor of Second Christian in 1988. He received his certification to teach from Mo-Kan Christian Bible College, and has an AA degree in Business Administration and Biblical Studies. He recently received his Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Theology from Heart of America Christian Bible and Theological Seminary College, and is in the process of obtaining his Masters of Pastoral Theology.


Co- Pastor Marla W. Kelley

Co-Pastor Marla has worn many hats as first lady. Before being ordained as a licensed minister, Mrs. Marla or Mama Marla, as loving called by several young people, was already operating in the ministry of teaching both at Second Christian and within the local public high school. She was a chaplain at Valley Hope Drug & Alcohol facility for ____years, providing hope and spreading the love of Christ to those struggling with addiction. Filling roles such as a community matriarch, mom, wife, first lady, and grandmother, Co-Pastor Marla understood the importance of being a D.I.V.A. Through her life experiences, church hurt, and her strong compassion for women, Co-Pastor Marla created the D.I.V.A.S paradigm. Through this paradigm, she continues to teach women how to walk as Gods workmanship.

Associate Ministers

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Minister Gary Ross

Date of Ordination -December 11th, 2016, accepted calling in 2011

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Prophetic Evangelist Libby Ross

Called into ministry in 2006. In ministry at Second Christian for 17 years.

Minister Mark Boldridge

Minister Steven Boldridge

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